Sisterhood Spotlight!

This week, we take a look at a sisterhood event hosted by the ladies of Sigma Kappa. Every sorority hosts sisterhood events for all the members to get together and bond over a fun activity. Activities range from roller skating to an exclusive shopping event at a store. The ladies of Sigma Kappa coordinated a tie dye sisterhood event! The sisterhood took place on a lovely Sunday with perfect weather. Girls gathered at the Sun God lawn at UCSD for a fun-filled day with their sisters.

Sigma Kappa is one of the nine chapters of Panhellenic. With approximately 80 members, Sigma Kappa is one of the bigger chapters on campus. Sisterhood events are one of the ways for members to mingle and get to know each other better since there are so many people in a chapter!

Of course, tie dying is fun but can get a little messy. First of all, you need a shirt to work with! The chapter ordered special customized Sigma Kappa shirts to make this sisterhood more memorable. On the shirt, it says “peace love Sigma Kappa” in their Greek letters. Isn’t this adorable?

Everyone grabbed a shirt and started the “tie” part of tie dying. The trick here is that you have to twist parts of the shirt into little balls and secure it with a rubber band. The twisted parts then will become patterns once you apply the dye on it. Thus, a lot of twisting and tying were involved for a good 30 minutes. It was their first time tie dying for most of the girls but once they get their hands on it, it was a piece of cake!

Looking good and well twisted!

Now, it comes to the messy part- applying dyes to the shirt. In order to have the “tie dye” effects on the shirt, you need to dye each individual “ball” with a different color. There are a lot of colors to choose from- yellow, green, orange, purple, red, and blue. Time to go all out on the colors!

After a long day of twisting, tie dying, and bonding, everyone was happy at their new Sigma Kappa tie dye shirt. The sisters reported having an “amazing time” and that it was not only “a fun experience” but also glad that they got to “spend quality time with their sisters”. No doubt, the sisterhood event was filled with fun and laughter. Now let’s take a look at the final product of a long day of work…

Turned out not so bad for a first time! That’s it for sisterhood spotlight, thanks for a fun day Sigma Kappa!

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