Greeks in Derby Days Part 2

Wednesday 5/9

Remember back in the days when we were kids, we would just want to go to the park and get on the swing? Sigma Chi brought the swing to campus for all the Greeks to relive those childhood memories. Each chapter is assigned a time slot around the clock. It is safe to say that it is a swing marathon! They have people swinging as early as 6am and as late as 12 am at night. The swing stands on the library walk where everyone can witness the fun that all Greeks have! This shows the dedication of all Greeks in supporting fellow Greek members and awareness for children care.

Thursday 5/10

Thursday is perhaps the most eventful day. It is the night of skits and the big concert of the week. Skit nights feature all the Greek chapters and even some UCSD sports team. Skit night is hosted at the PC ballroom. Each chapter comes up with skits that are both Olympic and Rady’s themed. Performers show off their best talents whether is dancing or acting. Each performance wowed the crowd and created great laughter. Good job on all your hard and creative work, Greeks!

After skit night, it is Inaugural Derby Days concert that is well anticipated. Everyone gets to enjoy live performances by amazing artists- The Lifted, Alier and the Band, and DJ STU! All the proceeds go to Rady’s Children hospital. This concert concludes the 2012 Derby Days. The Gentlemen of Sigma Chi has successfully put on another week of fun but more importantly raised money and awareness for the children at Rady’s hospital. Good work, Greeks!


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