Greeks in Derby Days Part 1

This week is the official Derby Days presented by the gentlemen of Sigma Chi. Derby Days are the annual week-long philanthropic event that help raise money and awareness for medical care for children at the Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego. Rady’s children’s hospital is a non-profit, community based hospital that specialized in pediatric healthcare. The gentlemen of Sigma Chi has adopted Rady Children’s hospital as their main service project. Derby days are thus presented to get all the greeks together for a fun-filled and philanthropic week!

Each day of the week features a different event. All sororities from Panhellenic and fraternities from IFC participate everyday of the week to show support for their fellow Greek chapter. The event that goes on all week is the penny wars where each chapter is designated with a jar and is responsible of filling it with coins! The chapter that gathers the most coins get points into being the winner of derby days.

Monday 5/7

What is a better way to start off Derby Days with a fun yet competitive game of musical chair? One member from each chapter is chosen to participate in the game. The person who does not grab a chair in time has to answer questions about Rady’s children hospital. What an exciting way to kick off the week and get all the Greeks in competitive mode!

Tuesday 5/8

Tuesday is one yummy day! Each chapter donate delicious and creative baked goods to sell! Since Derby Days are Olympic themed this year, Greeks whip out their creative side and turn cupcakes into art. These baked goods not only taste good but they taste better when you know they are for a good cause!

Images provided by Sigma Kappa Sorority

to be continued…


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